​The Illinois County Information Management Association (ICIMA) is comprised of Information Technology Directors and/or senior staff members from Information Technology Departments (non-elected office holders). The organization was born out of a strong need to provide a forum for the exchange of technical information, skill sets, and ideas. As a professional group, ICIMA strives to increase the level of government technical services that are provided to the citizens of Illinois through enhanced utilization of hardware, software, telephony, security implementations and measures, as well as application development. ICIMA focuses on sharing technical issues that are exclusively related to government information processing and automation.

During the past ten years, ICIMA has grown to represent over fifteen counties in the State of Illinois. As more Illinois Counties create Information Technologies Departments, our membership continues to grow; and, existing members continue to assist new government Information Technologies Directors. ICIMA holds an annual conference during the month of October. The two-day conference covers a variety of technical subject matters, as well as provides a great venue for peer networking and collaboration.

Information Technology Directors and senior staff members (from non-elected offices) that are interested in participating in ICIMA are encouraged to select the "Registration" menu option and complete the request form.